I'm not sure my partner would be comfortable talking to someone about such private matters. Can I talk to you alone?

Of course. Whether I'm talking to both of you or 1 of you, my number 1 priority is communication between the 2 of you. My advice and guidance will be more accurate if I'm talking to both of you but I'm happy to assist you alone if you feel that your partner wouldn't be willing. There's obviously a moral issue if you're discussing your private lives with someone without your partner's consent. If I feel that discussing with just 1 of you would be doing more harm than good from a trust or moral perspective, I may refrain from further guidance.

I love the idea of a man taking charge in the bedroom but my husband doesn't seem like the type to take charge. What can we do for me to enjoy that kind of sex?

The first thing would be to make sure that he understands what you want from him. It's possible that he may just need guidance and coaching which, as a dominant male myself, I can offer. If he has no desire to be dominant and possibly you're both submissive, there are other options to achieve what you both want from sex. We can discuss those and find out which options suit you both.

My wife recently cheated on me, I feel hurt and betrayed but I can't stop jerking off to the thought of them fucking. How do I stop this emotional turmoil?

This is really common and not something to freak out about. You're going through some emotional trauma in response to your wife's infidelity, it'll take a while for your thoughts and feelings to stabilise but they will. Obviously, cheating is not ok and being turned on by it shouldn't affect whether you choose to forgive or not. You do need to choose whether you want to pursue your new found fantasy or not though. If you nurture it by jerking off, it will make it more difficult if you later decide it's not for you. I can help you both through whichever route you choose to take.

I've always thought that women being on their knees, enjoying sucking cock was just a made up porn thing. Other guys tell me that most women actually do that. Is that true? How do I get my wife to do that?

It is true that some (if not most) women enjoy being submissive and dominated. This can often involve being on their knees and worshipping a cock like you refer to seeing in porn. We would need to discuss and experiment with how your wife feels about submission and whether you can develop the dominance she needs from you for her to want to submit to you like that.

I love my husband but he has never been able to sexually satisfy me. How do I suggest the idea of me finding sexual satisfaction with another man?

Firstly, we would need to assess what you both want. If he's not initially open to the idea of you being with another man, we should explore other ways of him being able to sexually satisfy you. If he's still unable to satisfy you after trying everything he can, he may become more open to the idea of another man because of his love for you and because he cares about your satisfaction. Ultimately, you shouldn't expect him to allow you to fuck another man, that's not a reasonable expectation of anyone but I'd say that there's a good chance we can find a way of getting you the sexual satisfaction you need, one way or another.