Few couples have the perfect sex life where they're perfectly matched with nothing left to explore. It can be difficult to suggest particular things with your partner and awkward to discuss with close friends. Sometimes it can be helpful to talk with someone anonymously but how can you find someone that's genuinely interested and experienced that isn't a risk to your relationship and privacy?
Over the past few years I've been helping: I must make it clear that I have no certifications, I am just someone with a natural flair for this subject and a keen interest in helping others have better sex and relationships. I do not charge or expect anything in return and I can promise you that anything you tell me will be 100% confidential, even from your partner if I'm talking to them too. I won't ask for your full name, location or any additional contact details. I'm offering an anonymous but personal approach, I'll be discussing with you because I want to, not because I have to or I'm being paid to.

My specialist subjects include but aren't limited to: